Imitation Rain provides complete design and installation of your underground sprinkler system, and Do-it-Yourself sprinkler installation options. We also provide the following additional services for the best way to water your lawn:

Sprinkler Repairs

We service and repair all product that we sell and install, and will honour the manufacturer’s warranty. We warranty our workmanship. We will repair or replace broken parts, faulty controllers and leaky pipes.

System Design

No two yards are alike, so neither are any two sprinkler systems. We use our years of experience to design a sprinkler system which best suits you and your yard.

Lawn Improvements/Upgrades

We can automate a manual system. We can add weather sensors. We can also add to your system by rezoning areas, such as separating lawns and flower beds.

Underground Sprinkler Installations

Not only do we design the system, but we install it too. Everything you need from the plumbing and wiring to the installation of the sprinkler heads is all done for you.


No problem. For those who prefer, we design the system and you provide the labour. We provide personal instruction after laying out your materials on site.

Sprinkler Winterization

Winterization is a very important aspect in maintaining the life of your sprinkler system. This involves purging water out of the sprinkler lines with compressed air. We encourage all of our customers to winterize their sprinkler systems in the fall of each year to protect their systems from frost damage.

Spring Start-up

We can co-ordinate your spring start-up, or for those who prefer, we can teach you how to do it yourself.

Contact us for further information on any of our services.