Help for starting up your sprinklers

Sprinkler Start-up Instructions:

First ensure the drain in your basement and the blowout tap located outside your house are closed. Then open the main plumbing valve slowly. The water should stop running within two minutes but if it does not, shut off the valve and look inside the green sprinkler valve box for leaks. If there are no apparent problems turn the water back on and wait for another two minutes. If the water still does not stop running please call us for assistance.

Once the water has stopped running you should turn the system on to determine if each zone is operating properly. To do this, set the controller to run for approximately two minutes per zone. Observe each head to ensure it is spraying the required areas and make adjustments if necessary. Also look over the ground for any pools of water – if you notice any you may have a leak in the pipes. If your system has a rain sensor please keep in mind that recent precipitation may prevent the system from running.

Of course if you’d like us to do this for you please contact through the “contact us” tab or by calling us at 403-239-9897