We sell and service a variety of affordable lawn care sprinkler and irrigation products, including:


Sprinkler System Remote Control

Remote controls

  • A handy accessory for use when testing sprinkler system operation as well as for using to add additional water as needed without having to make repeated trips to the system controller.
Sprinkler Sensor


  • Typical sensors include rain, rain/freeze, and e.t. based moisture sensors.
  • Available in both wired and wireless models.
  • Can be added to just about any automatic sprinkler system.

Controllers and Valves

Sprinkler Controller and Valves


  • controllers are available in different indoor and outdoor models (although generally installed indoors)
  • manual bypass options available
  • multi-programmable to water different areas on different schedules, dependent upon weather exposure and water demand
  • valves are available in manual or automatic to work in conjunction with your controller
  • automatic valves can be manually activated

Sprinkler Heads

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

  • used for flowers, trees and shrubs
  • apply water either in fine mist or controlled drips
Grass and Shrub Bed Spray Heads

Spray Heads

  • used for grass and shrub beds
  • adjustable for distances up to 30 feet in diameter
  • interchangeable nozzles cover specific patterns

Impact Heads

  • similar to gear drives
  • used when water source is dirty (dugouts, ponds etc.)
Sprinkler Head Gear Drives

Gear Drives

  • Used in large grass areas
  • Adjustable for distances up to 70 feet in diameter
  • Also adjustable to cover partial or full circles